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About Specials

What is a special and why would you need a special?

Unlicensed medication supplied by Rokshaw Laboratories plays a vital role in improving patient treatment, increasing compliance and improving outcomes.

Specials are often simply a different presentation of a commonly used drug. People can be allergic to an ingredient of a licensed line or need a drug that is either not yet licensed or is only licensed in another market.

Many patients struggle to swallow tablets which makes it difficult for them to take the medicine they are prescribed. If you cannot swallow a tablet or capsule you may benefit from a liquid alternative.

We can provide liquid medicines for those with dysphagia or swallowing difficulties. If patients simply crush tablets themselves it can affect the absorption rate for a product that was intended to be absorbed far more slowly.

Two of the most common current indications for a special are vitamin D deficiency, where higher dose presentations are not licensed in the UK or Epilepsy where the route of administration of a licensed product is not always practical in an emergency.