World Quality Day

How many people know the 8th of November is World Quality Day?

I bet not many!

The intention of World Quality Day is to raise awareness of the important contribution Quality makes to products used or consumed by customers.

A quick search on google provides a plethora of captions for what quality means. Ranging from

“Quality is a race that has no finish line” to “Quality begins on the inside and works its way out”

The oxford dictionary defines Quality as “the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something”

Here at Rokshaw we move these statements forward and use the concept of Quality to ensure that our medicinal products are fit for purpose. Every time!

Ensuring compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Distribution Practice is key to our success in the supply of unlicensed medicines to vulnerable patients throughout the UK but compliance alone, for Rokshaw, is not enough.

Without effective leadership from the senior management team, the principles we instil in our staff and processes would not enable us to do what we do every single day.

Having the right leadership approach, staff attitude and procedures in place are essential and something we at Rokshaw excel at.

So, should quality be acknowledged and celebrated?

Absolutely yes.

Should we have a dedicated day of the year to focus on Quality?

In my opinion No.

Why? Quality is something we strive for every single day, not just one day a year.

Paul Dunn

Head of Quality and Pharmacist at Rokshaw Ltd

Thank you very much for the comments from Paul, who is always on-site to speak to customers if required on Freephone: 0800 1699 765