Scottish Drug Tariff Part 7S – March 2018 Update

Scottish Drug Tariff LogoThe March 2018 Part 7 Scottish Drug Tariff is now live and Rokshaw Laboratories can announce the latest update to Part 7S, which has seen significant changes for Scottish Pharmacies.

The following changes are: 3 Products Added, 2 Products Removed, 29 Price Increases and 17 Price Decreases.

The 3 New Products added to the Scottish Drug Tariff are:

  • Cyclizine 50mg/5ml Suspension
  • Diltiazem 2% Cream
  • Ichthammol 1% in Yellow Soft Parrafin

Also, please find our Scottish Drug Tariff Calculator, which has also been updated from the 1st March 2018. For more information on the March 2018 Part 7 Scottish Drug Tariff, please access the following link for the full Drug Tariff.

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