Rokshaw Laboratories Address The New MHRA Regulations for Ordering Specials


The MHRA & GPhC are now insisting that all Specials companies take orders in writing. We understand how big this change will be, therefore we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that the transition of the Rokshaw Laboratories ordering process is smooth.

All Specials Companies were informed by the MHRA on the 9th January 2017 that they must impose this with immediate effect. These regulations are compulsory and considered complementary to the GPhC guidance that was issued on 14th April 2016.

The reason these regulations have been imposed is to reduce the risk of the wrong product being supplied to the pharmacy and then potentially to the patient. We do realise that sometimes it is more convenient to call and we will of course work with you to make sure that this service is as easy and efficient as possible

You can order by the following methods:

Online: (Request Login for New User)


Fax:             0191 5675210

When you are too busy and cannot get on your email, online ordering account or fax, please call us and we can initiate the order and can start the manufacturing process but we will require a written confirmation before the order can be released by our Pharmacist/QA Releaser.

Our customer services team are here to support you and help make this transition as smooth as possible. If you need help setting up your online ordering system or want to discuss these regulations further please feel free to get in touch.

For additional information about our easy to use online ordering system, we will be posting our online ordering guide soon.