We at Rokshaw are pleased to announce our partnership with AquAid, the ethical provider of water coolers in the workplace.

As a result, we decided to invest in from AquAid.

Our unique relationship with AquAid has also given our organisation the opportunity to also help those further afield less fortunate than ourselves.

Our decision to install a water cooler from AquAid means that for each machine that we have, we have donated £20 per year per cooler to The Africa Trust.

Through our contributions to The Africa Trust an ‘Elephant Pump’ will be installed in Africa on our behalf. This pump will bring much needed clean, fresh drinking water and improve the quality of life of those who will have access to our well.

Our name will be displayed proudly on our well and we look forward to adding some photos and letters of thanks from the villages to our site in the near future.

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rokshaw servicesRokshaw can announce the following changes to the Part VIIIB Specials Drug Tariff, with effect of May 1st 2015.

The changes are: 10 Products Added, 2 Products Removed, 72 Price Increases and 187 Price Decreases.

The 10 New Products added to the Drug Tariff are:

  • Amiodarone 100mg/5ml oral solution
  • Bisoprolol 1.25mg/5ml oral solution
  • Coal tar 10% ointment
  • Coal tar 5% ointment
  • Coconut oil 25% ointment
  • Hydroxychloroquine 200mg/5ml oral suspension
  • Magnesium glycerophosphate (magnesium 97.2mg/5ml (4mmol/5ml)) oral solution
  • Pilocarpine hydrochloride 2% eye drops preservative free
  • Pilocarpine hydrochloride 4% eye drops preservative free
  • Salicylic acid 2%/ sulfur 2% in Aqueous Cream

For more information on the May 2015 Specials Drug Tariff, please access the following link here for the full Drug Tariff.

Also, please find our Drug Tariff Calculator, which will be updated on the 1st May 2015.

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Rokshaw Laboratories - Final Edit JPEGAs part of a re-brand that has taken place at Rokshaw, we would like to welcome everyone to our brand new website.

To match the service that we always aim to provide to all of our customers, we deemed it necessary that website needed an upgrade in terms of look and usability.

The clean look to the website, matched with new features such as the ‘Testimonials page’ and ‘Latest News’ ensure that we are prepared to meet all needs of each user when they visit the website.

Also coming soon to the new Rokshaw website, we will be launching our new secure online ordering system, which will allow our customers to order their Specials and Special Obtains easier than ever before. In the meantime, please find our current online ordering system here.

As a company, we value all of our feedback, so make sure that you have a good look at our new website and let us know what you think!

rokshaw news

rokshaw newsA specialist pharmaceutical company is expanding with the backing of a £350,000 investment from the North East Growth Plus Fund managed by FW Capital and a £75,000 Let’s Grow grant.

Sunderland-based Rokshaw, which was founded in 2012 by two brothers, Richard and Jonathan Hodgson, supplies specially formulated (specials) drugs as well as unlicensed drugs to doctors, hospital trusts, pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers throughout the UK.

(left to right): Senior Investment Executive Michael Vassalo, Jonathan and Richard

The company has built up a customer base in the UK and is now one of the largest providers of specials to independent pharmacies in the North East, the UK region with the highest demand for prescriptions of specials.

With the backing of the funding package, Rokshaw will increase control of its manufacturing, setting up its own 6,000 sq ft laboratory and production facility and the funding will help with the costs of the additional Home Office and Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency licences it will need before it can start manufacturing.

It will also enable the company to recruit at least nine additional qualified staff, including a production manager, pharmacists, a quality control manager and technicians.

Business development director Jonathan Hodgson said: “Advances in medical science coupled with more personalised medical care are increasing the demand for specially formulated drugs or specials and there are no signs of demand slowing down. Today drugs can be formulated to cope with patients’ allergies and other individual needs as well as for non-standard doses.

“We’ve established a strong presence in the UK market, which is our principal market. This funding package will enable us to increase our control over our manufacturing and scale up our business. We’ll then be able to focus on improving our service and product quality and also increasing our market share by securing more business from hospital trusts and independent pharmacies.”

Senior investment executive, Michael Vassallo said: “Jonathan and Richard have combined their sales and business management skills with their considerable experience in the pharmaceutical sector to start up a sustainable business with long-term potential.  They’ve impressed their many loyal customers by paying attention to key aspects of their business, such as customer service and reliability as well as product quality and patient safety.

“Rokshaw has a strong market position and is at a crucial point in its development.  FW Capital’s funding together with the Let’s Grow grant has provided the funding boost they now need to accelerate the company’s growth and extend its national footprint.”

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