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After a successful launch at The Pharmacy Show in Birmingham in October, the secret is now out…..

Rokshaw Laboratories can now announce that The Future of Specials has arrived, with the Rokshaw Online Ordering App!

After the guidance given by the MHRA earlier in the year, with reference to written order confirmations with Specials manufacturers, we saw an opportunity to develop an easy-to-use system that will not only comply with this guidance but also improve our Specials service.

We have taken our already advanced web online ordering system and refined it so that pharmacies will now be able to order their specials quickly and efficiently either through a mobile or tablet device.

There are many key benefits and features that the Rokshaw App provides:

  • Quick Ordering and Re-Ordering – ‘The Two-Click Service’
  • Build your Custom Product – Select Drug, Strength, Form & Quantity
  • Search Latest Drug Tariff List – Using the Powerful Search Tool
  • Instant Drug Tariff Re-imbursement Information – Including per ml price
  • View Account History – Online and Full Account Information

The Rokshaw App is now live on both Apple and Android App stores and is compatible for all mobile and tablet devices.

You can request your login details for the App at anytime, either by using the ‘Request Login Details’ tab on the App, following this link or contacting us via Freephone: 0800 1699 765. If you already have an Online Ordering Account on the Rokshaw website, your login details will be the same. (You must hold a Specials account with Rokshaw to use the App)

The Future of Specials has arrived!

Rokshaw Christmas

Rokshaw Laboratories would like to advise all customers with our Opening and Delivery Times over the Christmas & New Year period.

England, Wales & Scotland

  Rokshaw Opening Times Ambient Delivery Day Fridge Delivery Day

Wednesday 20th December



8.30am – 6pm



Thursday 21st December



Thursday 21st December


Thursday 21st December


8.30am – 6pm


Friday 22nd December


Friday 22nd December


Friday 22nd December 8.30am – 6pm Saturday 23rd December (if pharmacy is open) or Wednesday 27th December Saturday 23rd December (if pharmacy is open) or Thursday 28th December

Wednesday 27th December


8.30am – 6pm


Thursday 28th December


Thursday 28th December

Thursday 28th December


8.30am – 6pm


Friday 29th December


Friday 29th December


Friday 29th December 8.30am – 6pm Saturday 30th December (if pharmacy is open) or Tuesday 2nd January Saturday 30th December (if pharmacy is open) or Wednesday 3rd January

Normal Hours resume Tuesday 2nd January 8.30pm – 6pm with Next Morning Delivery

Over the busy festive period, we also want to remind you of the methods that could best suit your ordering requirements over the holidays: 

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas from all staff at Rokshaw Laboratories! 

Pharmacy Show 17

We are delighted to say that our return to the Pharmacy Show at the NEC Arena Birmingham, was a huge success!

It was fantastic to meet and greet a blend of familiar faces and potential new customers and showcase the service that Rokshaw Laboratories can provide.

The key feature of our appearance was the launch of ‘The Future of Specials’ with our Rokshaw Online Ordering App, which is now live on both Apple and Android stores.

Stay tuned to the Rokshaw website for our announcement in full!

rokshaw services

rokshaw servicesThe following changes are: 4 Products Added, 0 Products Removed, 56 Price Increases and 192 Price Decreases.

The 4 New Products added to the Drug Tariff are:

  • Chlorothiazide 25mg/5ml oral suspension
  • Nitrazepam 5mg/5ml oral suspension
  • Sucralfate 2g/20ml enema
  • Sucralfate 2g/50ml enema


Also, please find our Drug Tariff Calculator, which has been updated from the 1st November 2017.For more information on the November 2017 Specials Drug Tariff, please access the following link for the full Drug Tariff.

Future of Specials

The Future of Specials is nearly upon us and we are almost ready to share the exciting news with everyone!

Launch Dates: 8th-9th October 2017, The Birmingham NEC Arena , The Pharmacy Show

Check out the following places for our latest Pharmacy Show developments and sneak previews of ‘The Future of Specials’:

  • Twitter – #FutureofSpecials
  • Linkedin
  • The Latest Edition of The Independent Community Pharmacist Magazine – You may see us on the back page!

We would be delighted to share our announcement with our loyal customers, as well as the rest of the attendees so please refer to our Pharmacy Show Return Announcement for all of the details you need to see us!

Pharmacy show 2017

We are delighted to finally confirm that after a 4 year absence, Rokshaw Laboratories is returning to ‘The Pharmacy Show’ at the NEC in Birmingham on 8th-9th October.

We are ready to showcase all of the developments that have taken place at Rokshaw since our last visit, which will include our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and the exciting launch of ‘The Future of Specials’

We really hope to see a good turnout of our loyal current customers, as well as new faces to show what service we can provide, therefore if you wish to come and see us then register via and make sure you don’t miss our exciting developments!

Our stand number for the event is: PA12

For additional information regarding our Pharmacy Show attendance, please see the following:

If you require any further information regarding our Pharmacy Show appearance, you can contact us:



Independent Community Pharmacist

Rokshaw Laboratories is delighted to be featured in the latest edition of the the Independent Community Pharmacist Magazine!

In the latest ‘Specials’ feature, Director Jonathan Hodgson has given his comments on the current state of the Specials industry, with regards to the new quality guidance issued to all Specials companies. The guidance referred to how all Specials companies now have to receive a written order confirmations, in what ever form that may be.

In response to this, make sure you check out the latest magazine to see an exclusive preview of our exciting new announcement that we are calling ‘The Future of Specials’ 

rokshaw services

rokshaw servicesRokshaw Laboratories can announce the following changes to the Part VIIIB Specials Drug Tariff, with effect of August 1st 2017.

The following changes are: 3 Products Added, 2 Products Removed, 43 Price Increases and 202 Price Decreases.

The 3 New Products added to the Drug Tariff are:

  • Atropine 500mcg/5ml oral solution
  • Ciclosporin 0.06% eye drops 0.4ml unit dose vials preservative free
  • Diclofenac 50mg/5ml oral suspension

Also, please find our Drug Tariff Calculator, which has been updated from the 1st August 2017.For more information on the August 2017 Specials Drug Tariff, please access the following link for the full Drug Tariff.

Employer of the year

Rokshaw Laboratories is delighted to announce that we received the award of ‘Employer of the Year’ at the Sunderland College Apprenticeship Awards Dinner 2017 in June. We have always been committed to giving opportunities to apprentices in the local area, therefore we are overwhelmed and grateful to be recognised for our efforts.

Directors of Rokshaw Laboratories, Richard & Jonathan Hodgson accepted the award on what was a brilliant night hosted by Sunderland College. Jonathan had this to say:

‘We are thrilled to receive the Employer of the Year award. We would like to thank Sunderland College and of course our apprentices for all the hard work and support. The recruitment and training partnership has really helped us through a rapid growth phase. The apprentices have been dedicated and hardworking and have become a huge asset to our business playing a vital role in our success to date.’

As Rokshaw Laboratories continues to grow, local apprentices will prove to be a big driving force in establishing the company as a Specials Manufacturer that Pharmacies, Hospitals, Dispensing Doctors & Wholesalers can trust.


The MHRA & GPhC are now insisting that all Specials companies take orders in writing. We understand how big this change will be, therefore we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that the transition of the Rokshaw Laboratories ordering process is smooth.

All Specials Companies were informed by the MHRA on the 9th January 2017 that they must impose this with immediate effect. These regulations are compulsory and considered complementary to the GPhC guidance that was issued on 14th April 2016.

The reason these regulations have been imposed is to reduce the risk of the wrong product being supplied to the pharmacy and then potentially to the patient. We do realise that sometimes it is more convenient to call and we will of course work with you to make sure that this service is as easy and efficient as possible

You can order by the following methods:

Online: (Request Login for New User)


Fax:             0191 5675210

When you are too busy and cannot get on your email, online ordering account or fax, please call us and we can initiate the order and can start the manufacturing process but we will require a written confirmation before the order can be released by our Pharmacist/QA Releaser.

Our customer services team are here to support you and help make this transition as smooth as possible. If you need help setting up your online ordering system or want to discuss these regulations further please feel free to get in touch.

For additional information about our easy to use online ordering system, we will be posting our online ordering guide soon.

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