Medical Cannabis division of Rokshaw Ltd rebranding to Curaleaf Laboratories

From 26th February, the medical cannabis division of Rokshaw Ltd is rebranding to Curaleaf Laboratories.

Since our inception in 2012 by founders Jonathan and Richard Hodgson, Rokshaw has created an industry wide reputation of providing the highest quality of products from our MHRA-approved manufacturing facility. Our ethical and sustainable outlook on the supply of unlicensed medicines has remained as we have diversified and entered new markets.

In 2019, Rokshaw joined the Curaleaf International group and because of this, in August 2020, became the first manufacturer of full spectrum medical cannabis in the UK. We aligned with the Curaleaf mission, to provide wider access and unlock the potential of medical cannabis to those who need it.

After an extremely successful number of years in the Curaleaf International group, our rebrand to Curaleaf Laboratories presents a transparent narrative to healthcare professionals, while still delivering the same high product quality and service.

Despite the change in name, we will still be operating under the same MHRA license that has guaranteed the highest quality since our inception.

What's Changing?

What Remains Unchanged?

  • The same leadership and operational team are at the forefront of driving product and service excellence throughout the business
  • Our MHRA license and manufacturing facility, as well as our quality management system (QMS) that guarantees the highest level of quality with every product
  • Our limited company name of “Rokshaw Ltd” still applies across the organisation, with this purely being a trading name change across the medical cannabis division
  • If you are already an existing customer with us, your account reference will remain unchanged.

Richard Hodgson, Managing Director of Curaleaf Laboratories

“Myself and my brother Jonathan started Rokshaw in 2012, with a vision of positively impacting the lives of patients all across the UK. We are extremely proud to look back and see how far we have come in our journey, making long-lasting relationships with customers along the way. Since joining the Curaleaf International, we have been on an upward trajectory, making waves in the emerging medical cannabis market. It feels like a natural step to adopt the Curaleaf name in this division of the business, to embrace the vision that we share and convey a transparent message to our customers and partners.”


Jonathan Hodgson, CEO of Curaleaf Laboratories

“We see this as an extremely exciting day, as we adopt the Curaleaf name in our medical cannabis division of the business. We joined the Curaleaf International group in 2019 and have helped accelerate market access by becoming the first manufacturer of full spectrum medical cannabis in the UK. Our reputation as a best-in-class manufacturer of unlicensed medicines for over a decade, coupled with the expertise that Curaleaf brings is extremely exciting for the future. I’d like to thank all of our loyal customers and partners who have been with us on this journey so far and we are excited to continue this journey with you.”


Our rebrand to Curaleaf Laboratories is another exciting step in playing our part in growing the UK medical cannabis market. We greatly appreciate the trust and support from all of our customers and partners and look forward to continue our relationships with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us