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Rokshaw Laboratories – The Specials Manufacturer you can trust for Quality, Service and Pricing.

  • Striving to ensure that patients across the UK receive the highest quality products
  • Manufacturing a full range of specials bespoke to your patients’ unique requirements
  • Quality and Service Guaranteed
  • Next morning pre-12 delivery as standard
  • A competitive but sustainable pricing structure

Manufacturing a vast range of products in a variety of dosage forms, including:

External forms include creams, ointments, soap, ear drops, nasal drops, disinfectants, enema solutions, pessaries, paints, gels, pastes and lotions.

Internal forms include solutions, suspensions, lozenges, medicated lollipops, reefers, capsules, oral syringes, suppositories and sachets.

                                                                 Patient Safety, Service Excellence and Peace of Mind